Steps to Make Live Virtual Training Programs Highly Interactive

There are people who say virtual training programs can be less communicative compared to traditional face-to-face sessions. However, this is not actually true. You can make your offsite training via cyberspace highly interactive and engaging by constantly keeping interesting and the participants occupied with virtual activities.

Let's discuss some of the ways by which you can enhance the attendee participation level.

Encourage Attendees to Be Participative

Encourage trainees to be communicative. Tell them to ask questions and seek clarifications, if any. When you allow them to be active, they will understand the program and their roles in your organization with more clarity and depth.

Incorporate Slide Shows

Try to design slide shows and presentations to use them in your training sessions. Slide shows act as a great learning medium since they can visually explain points rather than just through texts or verbal discussions. You can insert attractive images and texts in these presentations to make the training program more appealing and engaging.

Introduce Text Chat Feature

Connect with the attendees via text chatting. Through messaging, people can discuss and share their thoughts and ideas with you. They can also converse about various after-training activity opportunities with the trainer or amongst the participants.

Take Polls

Conducting polls can be a great way to keep the attendees occupied before or during a class. However, you need to be prepared with polling questions before taking the program online. Through such pre or post-event polls, you will get to know about people's expectations from your events and whether you have succeeded in fulfilling them or not. You can even ask people the reason behind an answer or suggestion. In this way, you can involve the participants by incorporating their feedback thereby making them an important component in the planning of your next training program.

Create Online Community/Forums

It is a great idea to set up online communities or forums to allow a group of people or participants to chat, discuss, and share relevant learning materials and training documents with each other. A major advantage of having these online forums is that they can keep the attendees engaged, 24x7 and foster a feeling of team work and business development.

Include Interactive Games

You can always incorporate some interactive games in between hectic training schedules for the purpose of relaxation. You can search for such virtual games on Google and use them as a part of your business strategy. One example can be arranging a memory game to test the IQ of your trainees. It will add loads of fun elements into your training program.

Jonathan is a professional trainer. He employs latest technology for online class registration and online training registration that results in more attendance and ROI.

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