Choosing the Right Virtual School

Learning in a traditional classroom often means limited options for students, simply because a classroom learning environment has to meet the needs of the masses rather than the individual. Why should virtual schooling options apply the same limits? With cyber schooling, you are selecting an alternative means of education for your child, and you have the opportunity to choose the option that best fits his needs rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some suggestions for choosing the right virtual school:


When you're trying to choose the right cyber school for your child, academic options will likely head your list. Selecting a school capable of meeting your child's academic needs will be your top priority. For example, you might want a school that not only meets state standards for academics but also prepares your child for college. Or you might want a school that offers remedial classes that help your child improve his skills and recover lost ground. Or perhaps your child hasn't been challenged enough in the past and you want a program that will challenge him and revive his interest in learning. The right online school is the one that is most compatible with your child's academic needs.

Learning Styles

Learning styles are another important consideration when choosing the right virtual school. Some children learn best independently, only requiring a teacher's help with difficult concepts. Others, however, thrive with daily, one-on-one interaction with an instructor. Some learn best by reading and listening to lectures while others are visual learners or require interactive practice to gain full understanding of a topic. The best virtual school for your student is the one that caters to his particular style of learning.


Support is critical for families who depend on virtual school programs. Leaving parents and their students without support reduces the likelihood of success in the virtual school environment. As such, the best programs typically provide support from teachers, counselors and other staff members for everything from creating a personal education plan to determining when and if there's a need for a change and ensuring that each student gets help when he needs it. Additionally, the best virtual schools provide technical support since even the most cutting-edge technology develops glitches at times.


The right virtual school for your child is the one that provides the best range of options. Sometimes educational programs fail to meet student needs because they try to fit round pegs into square holes. A good virtual school recognizes that each student is an individual and provides options that meet a variety of needs. For example, you might prefer a school that allows flexible learning schedules, so that your child can pursue other activities, or you might want a school that incorporates extracurricular activities into the program. You might want a school that allows your child to study a non-traditional subject or engage in independent study projects. Perhaps you want a virtual school that makes interacting with other students easy or provides brick-and-mortar labs for student use. A school that provides a wide range of options will often make the best choice because it can easily address your child's needs now and as he grows and develops.

Virtual schooling can be a viable option for families who want to combine the benefits of learning at home with online education. Visit Oxford Virtual Academy to learn more about this educational choice.

Going The Distance With Online Education

Working professionals, who wish to pursue higher education, are sometimes unable to pursue their aspiration because of unavoidable constraints of strict timings and demanding job schedules. These act as barriers in enhancing qualifications for the working people. Online education is the ideal solution for people from all walks of life who wish to earn a degree but are not able to devote time to pursue regular education courses. According to a report by U.S. Bureau of labor statistics, Individuals with master's degrees make $558 more weekly in 2009 than those without a college degree.

Earning an online degree is one of the best solutions for working professionals who either want to switch their fields, get better career options or broaden their educational qualifications. They go for web-enabled learning service as it creates a balance between their work and study. With no geographic restrictions and constraints of traditional classroom teaching, they can easily access higher educational qualifications. It gives you the option to study from anywhere and anytime. Though there are some strict deadlines and restrictions for the classes and other related assignments, students are given the choice to set the schedule within those deadlines as per their convenience. While there are all kinds of benefits associated with e-learning, some of the underlying advantages of online education for the working professionals are listed below:

    Work and Learn: Online degree provides access to education for working people without affecting their current job. It also cuts down the chances of violating the bonds, if any, between employee and the organization. They can continue their regular jobs and complete the course structure side-by-side.

    Better job performance: Educating yourself online helps you keep yourself up-to-date with current knowledge, retain more information and use it in current job as well. It will also help in increasing the efficiency and level of productivity at the job.

    Improving Career prospects: Job profile is mainly determined by educational qualifications one has. Online executive programs help working people to rise ahead in their profession and find their niche in the company. It increases their potential for current as well as other new suitable job profiles.

Apart from these benefits, online courses also present networking opportunities and personality development for future growth. With online education programs, one can easily earn degree while minimizing the disruptions to the professional life. Learning while earning helps in advancing the career by making number of other better career options available.

Practice For Competitive Examinations Online

AIEEE stands for All Indian Engineering Entrance Examination and this test was previously conducted as paper test, but now the test is partially conducted online and it is expected to be conducted online 100% in the coming years. It has been predicted that online examinations are going to be the future in India since it is easier to conduct exams online as compared to traditional method of examination. It is also cost-effective since paper, transportation and printing charges are eliminated.

Now, the question that would be arising in our minds is whether online version of AIEEE will be beneficial for the students and even some parents doubt whether there are resources available for enabling the students to practice for the online version of AIEEE. Answer to these doubts is that AIEEE online test is more beneficial to the students because they can answer each question at a faster pace as compared to answering through OMR sheet, wherein they will have to shade the correct option with the help of pencil. Above all, students can change the answer in online format, while it is somewhat difficult to erase the selected option in an OMR Sheet. The second question is with respect to resource for preparing for online test and there are efficient coaching centres enabling students to take up practice test for AIEEE online test.

By taking up practice tests like AIEEE online and IITJEE Online, students can evaluate their performance in such a way that they can identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on their weaknesses. Some of these resources enable the students to practice for other entrance examinations pertaining to MBA, bank exam, etc... They offer free practice test series and paid practice test series as well. There are options like mini test, full test and all that is to be done by the students is to register with these sites free of cost and they can take up tests like IITJEE online practice test, Bank exam test, etc... by logging in to these sites.

Making use of online resources for preparing to AIEEE online test would be the smartest way for preparing to the exam. While taking offline mock test or preparation tests, students will have to physically visit the coaching centre for which they will have to waste their precious time and energy.

The growth of internet technology has brought about great changes in our life styles and education sector is no exception to this. Taking up free online tests can enable the students to improve their knowledge and confidence for facing the actual examination.

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What Kind of Assignments to Expect in an Online MBA Program

Many adult learners are returning to school. They feel they need to further their education to advance their career or secure their position within their company. For many of them this will be an eye opening experience. They probably have not attended school in years, let alone take online courses. They are probably scared and not very confident on how they will do in an online class. Online classes have become more and more popular due to the convenience and flexibility they offer. If someone is working full-time and has a family, online learning is probably their best option to be successful. In this article we are going to talk about some of the assignments a student to expect in an online MBA program.

First, we are going to start with discussion board postings. Discussion board postings are very common in online MBA programs. They are a way students can communicate with each other and the professor. In many MBA programs students will do discussion board postings on a weekly basis. Sometimes they will write about an article they read or answer questions from the textbook. Discussion board postings are a large part of your participation grade and usually about 30% of your overall grade.

Second, we are going to discuss Harvard case studies. Case studies are important for a number of reasons. They allow students to collaborate and work together in a group setting, research and analyze data, and make recommendations. Harvard Case studies are very popular in MBA programs. Students usually enjoy them because they are doing research on a topic they are passionate about. Many students use their companies or profession when doing the case studies.

Third, we are going to discuss exams and quizzes. Most exams and quizzes you will take will be timed, open book exams. Many schools do not require you to go to a testing center and allow you to complete your exam from anywhere you choose with internet access. If the school does require a testing center make sure to find something local and convenient for you.

As you can see an online MBA program tries to keep students engaged in many different ways. The professors know they are working with adults and try to keep the program as flexible as possible. Most programs recommend at least 15-20 hours per week to dedicate to the program. Most MBA programs offer one class at a time, but the classes are only five or six weeks each. Make sure you have time set aside to complete your studies online.

Avoid Marginal Online Colleges

According to the 2012 edition of The Best-Worst Online Degree Program Providers over 100 accredited online college providers are marginal at best. They provide little academic rigor and virtually no chance of transfer to a top tier university for an advanced degree.

Each of these marginal online providers of degrees are rated a 1 on a 1 to 5 rating scale. Top rated schools can achieve the highest rating of 5. Almost a third of the over 400 schools currently rated and ranked are found in the poorest category.

The list of marginal online colleges is expanding rapidly. The worst list has grown exponentially as more and more traditional schools have climbed on the bandwagon over the years. Marginal online programs of universities attract many non-traditional students returning to school and in a hurry for a degree. Prospective students throw caution to the wind and will opt to take what they think is the easy road to achieve satisfaction so long as the word accredited is found to accompany the rated university's name.

Most 1 schools are really academically poor. In addition to their rating, they have one other thing in common and that is marginal faculty. Online faculty, according to top online schools, should be every bit as good as traditional faculty and carry equal or better credentials. It appears the current group of online marginal colleges is just throwing together faculty and degree programs left and right. The motive it seems is to keep up and get in on what the new entrants to the field perceive is a cash bonanza bandwagon.

One of the sad commentaries about the marginal schools is that many potential learners are in a hurry for a degree. They throw caution to the wind. These degree at any cost students will opt to take what they think is the least difficult road to achieve their education goal.

On the other hand, many marginal unknown colleges, who are not so well known, are lying in wait for unsuspecting students that cannot easily tell because the school is accredited whether it is or is not a quality online provider. Often, by the time an unsuspecting learner figures out the marginal school is an accredited diploma factory, its too late.

The Best-Worst Online Degree Program Providers eBook has been published continuously since 2002 and is a free download from several online sources. The ratings weigh heavily on the quality of education and experience of the faculty.

Dr. Fred DiUlus is a noted pioneer and expert in online higher education. He is the author of How to Home School a College Degree and the Best Worst Online Degree Program Providers (the annual free rating and rankings of online degree providers worldwide). He is the Director of the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise (est.1996), and the developers of the international online university builder, Global Academy Online, Inc.