Make E-Learning Fun With Game Based and Mobile Learning Tools

The process of corporate training is slowly transforming and currently online training is viewed as the new tool by many new and old organizations. Online training process, unlike traditional training method, does not require bulky papers, books and training material. The process is carried out smartly, using effective tools like video player, skill-gap analysis tools and many others. This new age learning method is customizable as per the needs of different organizations. One of the major issues of the organizations is scalability, and online training programs are the best solutions of these organizations. The training module can be modified and in accordance with the growth of the organization. Also, to save on costs, the e-learning module can be integrated with the on-going training process.

The online training modules are made interesting and interactive, which ensures active participation of the trainees, thereby, making the learning process more collaborative. In the interactive learning process, ideas and views of the participants are exchanged, which aids in learning difficult things easily. Training is provided via different modes like games, social media and mobiles, therefore, trainees can access the training material anytime, anywhere. These types of training programs are engaging and fulfilled unlike traditional training method, which used to become dull and boring with the course of time.

The organizations engaged in providing e-learning content, before designing project interact with client and understand their requirements. After that, the content matter is developed with the help of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), instructional designers, instructors and administrators. Moreover, before the final delivery, the content is thoroughly checked for functionality, localization, instructional design, media mapping and content.

Mobile learning has also become one of the important modes of providing e-learning content. Many of the new organizations engaged in providing e-learning programs are developing content for mobiles. By using mobiles as a medium, the training process has become more interesting and effective. In mobile learning, for the training process, trainees and trainers are not required to be at the same place at the same time. With the advent of smart phones, the reach of online training content has further increased. The basic use of mobile has thus been enhanced and these are now used for coaching, assessment and evaluations too.

Game based learning is a popular media, which is a significant part of mobile learning. Companies which are engaged in providing e-learning services have integrated the learning material with games, which are accessible via mobiles. Mobiles are handy devices; therefore, trainees can access it anytime, anywhere. Game based learning has enhanced the user engagement by introducing new games, each of which has a simple challenge to overcome. Many of the trainees are therefore choosing this as a preferable mode of learning.

Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes game based learning, mobile learning and other Learning & Development matters.

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