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Many students need to study up on speed reading because they have bad reading or study habits. In most cases, when we learn how to speed read or when we pick up how to read, we feel pressured from someone or something. Many students cite examples such as issues at home, with the teacher/other students or exam trouble. This may give birth to bad associations with reading (speed reading) which can explain why some people do not read for pleasure but only when they have to.

Accordingly, if you are searching for 'how to speed read', you must look for techniques to relax your mind before you begin. This study skill may be extended to exams and any problematic study areas that you have. In most cases, the 'problem' is all in how you approach it. There are probably a whole slew of solutions available but they are difficult to see when you sabotage yourself by sticking to your old methods.

The first study skill which students should cultivate prior to speed reading is the skill to relax their minds. A very simple method is to take 10 deep breaths. When you do so, keep your awareness solely on the area at the base of your nose. This is a very skill for general study too.

The next step may be taken after you are confident in your reading comprehension. By now you can tell someone the main message of an article after you finish reading it. Start timing yourself when you speed read an A4 page. How much time did it take? Measuring your progress using a stop watch is an essential study asset whenever you want to increase your efficiency. Try to move your eyes faster. Try not to say anything in your mind, search for important words that can summarise the main message for you.

Search for the key words in the preceding paragraph. Have you understood the main message? Are you 'speed' reading? As if seeing colours giving prominence to key words/phrases as you read, move your eyes faster!

Typical undergrads verbalise the text in their mind as they are studying a piece of writing. Undeniably, this is an ordinary process and can help us understand the basic elements of the text. Yet, to maximise your speed reading technique, reading without verbalising in your mind is an excellent reading ability. Simply keep your eyes moving over the words without verbalising in your mind. If you struggle, move your eyes fast enough to register the words but not say them in your mind. First do this with 2 sentences and then check that you understood the main message. You might find it useful to position yourself back an extra 20 cm from the computer or text.

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