Cyber School Eating Habits

When you go to a public school you don't really have any time to eat except during your lunch period, or maybe sneaking a snack before 2nd period and soccer practice. Well in cyber school you're surrounded by food all day. This can be a crazy temptation some days.

Now realize that my mom is a health teacher, and that her and my dad are both on a mainly juice diet right now so there isn't too much junk food in the house. Unless of course my grandmother has stopped by lately, then there is a good stash of chocolate around.

When I started doing cyber school it was pretty tough not to eat a lot during the school day. Sure I had just came from summer where I also didn't have school, but my other friends were also off then, and we would go do things everyday out of the house instead of having to sit inside for a good couple hours at the computer.

My biggest problem with food is that it became a distraction and way of procrastinating. This is fine if I'm having a good meal like breakfast or lunch, but sometimes I would make junk food early if I was working on a report or some tough Math problems on a day that I had no focus.

Not only was this keeping me from getting work done quickly, but I also gained a few pounds and became more fatigued and unfocused. The more unfocused I was, the more I ate causing me to be more unfocused. It really was a vicious cycle.

Finally I began to realize this, and my eating habits took a completely different direction. I decided to not let food become a distraction, and eat like I would be if I were in a school building during the day. So I basically ignored the food in the house, and didn't eat hardly anything in between my three main meals. My stomach even got so used to my small eating that I would accidentally forget to eat one of my main meals, and eat a yogurt or banana instead.

That eating habit wasn't the worst, but I started to realize that my metabolism went down significantly and I was also feeling fatigued and unfocused like before.

Finally I have found a happy medium where I try not to use food as a distraction during school, and listen to my body when it is hungry instead of outright ignoring it. I also try not to eat snacks between breakfast and lunch, and only a couple of snacks before or after dinner.

It's not easy to keep eating habits steady with such a flexible schedule. It's really tempting sometimes to either eat way too much food or hardly any food at all. Every once in a while it is fine to splurge a little bit, like whenever grandma brings over chocolate or I make cookies for family parties, but just be careful about how much you eat.

I'm sure you will most likely come to your own happy medium, but if you have a problem with eating habits and eating junk food (who am I kidding, everyone does!) make sure you take this under consideration before you begin cyber school. Maybe you can even come up with a healthy eating plan or other healthy snacks to substitute the chips and candy that are so tempting.

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